WordPress development environment: Flywheel

While developing WordPress sites I used the classic way setting up a LAMP stack which worked very well. Searching for a light alternative, eventually more oriented to WordPress development I found Flywheel a tool installed locally which can ease the development considerably, available for Mac OS X as well for Windows OS. 
Besides the built in web (apache / nginx), PHP and MySQL server comes up with few add-ons: 

  • Mailcatcher (for intercepting the emails sent by the PHP Sendmail)
  • SSL certificate generator
  • MySQL database management tool (SequelPro and Adminer)
  • Xdebug (connector for PhpStorm and IntelliJ)
  • export projects including the files, database, server configuration in .zip, tar.gz, bz2, tgz format
  • demo URL for customer show
  • local DNS management
  • addons management
Developing few sites across two months while using Flywheel I noticed that I saved up to 20% of the time in comparison with using another classic tools. (XAMPP, WAMP). While using the classic tools you must install additional packages in order to add functionality (SequelPro, Adminer, Xdebuger) Flywheel has built in all those needed tools. Flywheel runs tied to Oracle VirtualBox.